Developed as part of a clinical trial, the BeDaddy Program improves sperm quality by almost 50%.

BeDaddy uses four pillars to ensure success:

Your Nutrinome

Salus is an algorithm developed specifically with the support of doctors, researchers and nutritionists. It calculates your optimal nutritional needs, i.e. the precise quantity of macro- and micronutrients that you must absorb through your daily diet: your Nutrinome®.

Food Supplements

Every month you receive food supplements adapted to each phase of your program. They cover your needs in the context of improving fertility and supplement the nutrients already provided each day by your personalized food program.

Fertility program

The BeDaddy program consists of two phases, allowing you to support your development:

Stage 1: After a review of your eating habits and lifestyle, you start by improving them gradually, at your own pace.

Stage 2: By selecting your menus each week, you develop your own personalized food program, and fully exploit the interest of the recipes offered.


BeDaddy® was developed based on scientific studies conducted on the role of oxidative stress, genetics, diet and environmental factors on sperm quality.

Fertility Nutritional Profiling

The right diet and lifestyle have been proven to positively impact fertility and reproductive health. Whether you’re just starting out, and are still exploring possible underlying problems with your fertility, or whether you’ve been on this journey for a while, we’re here to help. Understanding your unique nutritional needs for optimal fertility may be the missing piece in the puzzle.

How does it work?

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Genetic Testing

You are unique. And so is your nutrition. Our analysis of nutrition-related genes allows us to tailor our advice to your  individual needs.

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Your Unique Nutritional Needs

The FabLife app uses your health history and nutrition habits to calculate your personalized macro and micronutrient requirements for your  fertility and reproductive health: your Nutrinome®.

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Nutritional Analysis

Our one-to-one nutrition consultation explains your genetic results, their impact on your fertility, and their relevance to your diet and lifestyle habits; including any recommended changes.


28 Years Old

"The recipes are very good, very varied, with combinations of tastes and foods that I wasn't used to, it introduced us to new ways of making and new dishes."

36 Years Old

"The program has allowed me to reconnect with my diet and the results of my latest spermogram are very encouraging."

48 Years Old

"After a year and a half of conception projects with no results, we started BeDaddy. Two and a half months later, my wife became pregnant spontaneously."

Introducing BeDaddy, the comprehensive nutrition program designed to improve sperm quality for men struggling with low fertility. With BeDaddy, you'll have access to a personalized meal plan, high- quality food supplements delivered straight to your door, and a DNA test, all designed to support your fertility goals.

Our mobile app acts as your personal nutrition coach, learning about your health history and food preferences to provide a tailored meal plan. You can adjust your plan at any time, generate a convenient grocery shopping list, and even track your progress week by week. Plus, our expert-selected food supplements are designed to support your health and fertility.

And with our DNA test, targeting 16 nutrition-related genes, we can adjust our recommendations even further to support your unique needs. Plus, you'll have access to a detailed report, unique to you, that explains your DNA results and gives you nutritional recommendations.

Sign up for a monthly subscription today and start boosting your sperm quality with BeDaddy. You can easily cancel at any time. Order now and take control of your fertility.

Genetic Test

We look at nutrition-related genes to better understand your unique needs. And your results further personalize your Nutrinome®.



Fertility Nutritional Profiling

A one-to-one consultation with a FabLife nutritionist where we explain your genetic results, their impact on your fertility and their relevance to your diet and lifestyle habits.

Total :


Plan starts at 400$ / month

Doctor who prescribed you BeDaddy

Please find the genetic test number on the outside of the FabLife testing kit box.

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