• How FabLife will make you healthier

  • It is all about you

    Start with yourself

    The program starts with a best in class nutritional assessment, computing macro and micronutrients needs and explaining where to get them from.

    Discover the uniqueness of your biology

    To go further, have your DNA and nutritional biomarkers in your blood analyzed. We will develop a detailed action plan to improve your health and well-being.

    Log your meals, feelings and activities

    Use the mode of your choice (photo, voice, text) and let Lisa give you some feedback. Connect your favorite devices to the FabLife app to easily track your sport activities.

    Get personalized recommendations

    Learn about your meal's nutritional value and receive tips of the ideal way to prepare your meals. You can also receive suggestions for the most appropriate food and drink to consume considering your goals. And if needed for your nutritional balance, recommendations for dietary supplements.

    Find some tips to get to the heart of the matter and guide you to success

    Browse our meal suggestions, tips, workouts, all customized to your profile and easily find inspiration for your daily meals in restaurant, at home or taken on the go.

    Monitor your progress and change your habits

    Follow the FabLife program at your own pace. With the help of Lisa, your virtual dietician, understand how your body reacts to make the best decision and enhance your health potential.

  • Dedicated team of experts

    We are a passionate and complementary team to support you: dietitians, scientific, geneticists, menu creators.

    FabLife's team always works with the utmost professionalism and the greatest respect for each and every individual accordingly. Each of us is also FabLifer!

  • Technology

    FabLife leverages cutting edge technology in artificial intelligence and machine learning that crunch big data for deeper insights, give personal health advice to help people monitor their diet most effectively




    We built Salus, a powerful algorithm based on a unique AI approach consisting in computing your Nutrinome : your micro and macronutrients needs considering your genetics, your biology and your preferences.





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