• Vision

    We are what we eat

    People increasingly understand the value of prevention in staying healthy as long as possible. More and more, they're concerned about the connection between food and health. They want to know what foods they should eat—and how to supplement them—to improve their diet, fully express their health potential, reduce physical symptoms, and even prevent chronic disease.

    Everyone—at any stage of life or in any state of health—can benefit from better nutrition. We just need to help them understand what their specific needs are and give them practical, easy-to-follow advice that fits their lifestyle.

  • Mission

    We're a NutriTech company and we inspire our users to adopt a healthy diet based on their personal profile and objectives.

    We're based in France, so we value the social role that food plays: the pleasure that people take in eating and drinking with family and friends. We also love the idea of the French paradox! We believe that scientific research and technology are increasingly informing our nutritional choices. It is now widely acknowledged that every individual has very specific metabolic and nutritional needs.
    New digital technologies such as AI and machine learning, as well as biotechnologies such as genetics, offer exciting opportunities to better understand personal nutritional needs, monitor intake, and measure results over the long term.
    We're the first to combine both worlds to deliver personalized scientific advice to every individual.

  • Our approach

    We focus on proprietary developments in science-based nutrition and new technologies such as artificial intelligence. We also plan to accelerate our R&D by integrating external skills and technologies using an open innovation mindset.

    We collaborate with entrepreneurs who share our vision: the importance of adequate nutrition and a passion for tech and science.

    Our ecosystem works in synergy, each player bringing its core expertise, whether it be recipes, food databases, quality supplements, food log solutions, or innovative sensors.

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