• Improve your quality of life through preventive health and personalized nutrition

  • Express Your Health Potential

    We develop a science based personalized nutrition program to support nutritional education and empowerment, healthy diet and prevention of chronic disease.

    • Advanced level of profiling based on DNA analyzes and levels of nutritional biomarkers in your blood
    • Highly interactive program, taking the form of a virtual dietician and lifestyle coach called "Lisa"
    • Lisa personalises your diet according to what you like to eat, monitors your progress, makes relevant suggestions and offers personal support, according to your health goal
    • We promise a fabulous experience based on easy foodlog possibilities


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  • Everyday, Lisa helps you learn and maintain healthy behaviors and therefore has significant potential to reduce nutrition-related issues like obesity or diabetes.

    Easy to use



    Tracking what your eat doesn't have to be difficult. Speak, write, photograph your meals. Lisa will always understand you and record what you eat.






    Find your flow



    According to your mood, you will follow a program based on a healthy lifestyle that includes a sensible, well-balanced diet and regular exercise. Lisa tells you which recipes, food combinations, meals, exercises are best suited.

    FabLife is a source of pleasure!



    Bot and Artificial intelligence to help you eat better

    Lisa will help you stay motivated with practical tips for daily life and regular feedbacks. You will enjoy a fabulous experience chatting with your virtual dietician.











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    Medical condition

    Prevention of chronic disease and nutritional support to medical treatment.

    Service is provided to both the practitioner and his/her patients.


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    Healthy Diet

    A program based on pleasure, balance and vitality in the long run.
    We believe nutrients should mostly come from food. Enjoy eating everyday with the help of Lisa's recommandations.


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